DIY Friday is back with one of the most interfaced parts of a manual transmission equipped MINI; the shift lever. And as you would expect it’s also one of the most upgraded parts of a MINI as well. One of our favorites we’ve found is the JCW Shift lever. While we were initially skeptical of the design, it didn’t take more than a couple of miles of driving with one before we were won over.

Installation is relatively straight forward however it is important to note that process for removing the lever is different than the previous generation of MINI’s. Due to this the the shift levers are not interchangeable between the first and second generation cars.

Also included in the PDF below are instruction for the e-brake grip (not one we find as essential as the shift knob mind you) and shift and e-brake boots.

[ R55/R56/R57 Shift Lever & E-Brake Grip ] Official MINI PDF