r56upsidedown2.jpgWe know how safe our cars are. We’ve read the reports and seen the data. It’s a point that we take great pride in. Even to the point of extolling the safety features of our cars anytime someone makes the “I-wouldn’t-feel-safe-in-that” comment. But just how safe is a MINI? From Minifinity.com via AUSmotive.com.

>Yikes! Images of this R56 MINI Cooper S rollover have recently surfaced on the Minifinity.com internet forum. The accident happened in Malaysia and, while details of the moments leading up the incident are only speculation, there has been an alledged eye witness report stating the driver and passenger walked away with no serious injuries.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a MINI shiny side down and the results were about the same. Look past the deployed airbags once it’s righted and you can see it’s still MINI shaped.


Amazing. So next time anyone questions the safety of the MINI, feel free to point them here.

Thanks Liam for sending this in!

[ MINI Cooper S upside down ] AUSmotive.com