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>Which brings me to the inside of the car. Some parts of the test car were great, the wood trim with cream highlights just one example. While others were just plain wrong, the ghastly brown door trims the standout here. Again, thankfully with MINI you get countless options and there are better choices available. I could bore you with the details of why I prefer the look and layout of my 2004 Cooper S over the Clubman, but unless you own an R53 Cooper S you probably wouldn’t notice such things. Suffice to say, the centre stack aside, which houses the HVAC and radio controls, the new generation of MINI are a definite step forward in terms of interior build quality. The use of materials has, for the most part, stepped up in quality and simple things, like the indicator stalk, don’t feel like they will fall apart. The large centre mount speedometer, while very big, does not feel oversized and it was not until I hopped back into my MINI, with its smaller centre dial, that I realised just how big the new speedo really is.

And finishing with this.

>n conclusion, then, I found the Clubman Cooper S to be a car that faltered on first impressions, both visually and behind the wheel. However, with time spent driving and using the car, these impressions proved to be false and were gladly overcome with no lingering feelings of strong distaste. As a pure driving tool the Clubman Cooper S is a car that gets better the harder you push it. As a city car, the engine’s low down torque makes it easy to drive and a delight to use.

This makes total sense as I’ve heard that there is a little bit of ‘getting used to it’ involved with the Clubman.

Great review and photos. Check them out below!

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