The MTTS road-trip continues. We just hit Boston last night and this is the first internet access we’ve had in two days. And this is not to mention the only time we’ve seen the inside of a hotel room in the last two days has been between 1 AM and 6 AM. We plan on having some updates tonight and/or in the morning.

So far MTTS 2008 has been incredible. A huge shout out to Philly MINIs for the best hospitality, to us anyway, so far on the road trip. Did you hear that Boston, Chicago, and LA? I gotta say that our experience in NJ was pretty phenomenal with the spread at Prestige MINI and the drive in with 200 plus MINIs. Another shout out to Murray in Savannah for the tour and restaurant choice. I guess we had a pretty great time in Va. Beach too.

If you’re in Boston be sure to swing by and say hi. We’ll be the guys with hopefully behind the wheel of the new JCW.