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MTTS Boston:  Sunday

MTTS Boston:  Sunday

Another great event put on by MINI USA! This time, the venue changed to the campus of the University of Massachusetts.

It was kicked off Saturday morning with a meetup and drive starting at Pier 4, up to Gloucester and back to the UMASS campus. I think there were over 300 MINIs for this run, so traffic was a little slow. But, surrounded by MINIs, it wasn’t so bad.

At the event, it was almost the same as Miami, except with the addition of the Velcro wall. Unfortunately, I did not see this until it was too late, so I wasn’t able to do my famous David Letter impersonation.

What we did get to do was talk to the guys and gals from Ridemakerz! Todd even interviewed Roddy, their mascot.

[pictobrowser dbwilldo 72157605825779842]

Of course there were MINIs! Lots and lots of MINIs! Especially at the Saturday morning meet and greet at Pier 4. Saw some friends we don’t get to see very often and made a few new ones.

[pictobrowser dbwilldo 72157605837853298]

Saturday ended with a great show by Fountains of Wayne. They were amazing live, if not a little crazy. Listen to our recap coming next week for more details about that. Oh yea, you already know this, but Todd got to drive the Factory JCW too!

Sunday wound down with a little more music, some more harbor cruises and some even cooler MINIs!

[pictobrowser dbwilldo 72157605830718361]

See that crazy one in there? That belongs to the guys who were nice enough to talk to us for WRR, plus interview us for thier show. True car enthusiasts, but would rather drive the MINI than anything else in the garage, including a Vanquish!

We finished Boston with a trip to the Apple store and a lobster roll from Legal Seafood. Good stuff, both counts. Man, that Apple store was huge!

If you missed any of the pics, you can check them out in my Flickr stream. Plus, MINIUSA has been updating the MTTS blog all along as well. If you go over there for a visit and are thinking about going to Chicago or LA, be sure to register! If you are still on the fence, listen to the next Woofcast for something very very cool that we know you aren’t going to want to miss!

So ends our MTTS coverage until Chicago in July. Over 2 hours of audio, more than an hour of video and close to 1,000 pictures. I’m pretty sure our job here is done!

Normal service shall resume shortly.