MTTSAfter quite a bit of feedback from attendees at both MTTS Miami and Boston, MINIUSA will be making a few minor changes to the Chicago and LA events.

They are still working on LA, but for Chicago, the Sunday events will be trimmed down at Road America. The early word is that the party will head back down to the Chicago area mid day on Sunday for a wrap up and a pleasant surprise at our good friends Ridemakerz. That will still allow plenty of time Sunday morning for you to get some seat time in the Factory JCW MINI at Road America! In addition, for those Chicago-landers who couldn’t make it up to Road America, this will, potentially, allow another local opportunity to get in on the fun.

You already knew about the Factory JCW MINIs being available to drive, right? MINIUSA felt bad that Rauno was not going to make all 4 MTTS venue’s, so Chicago and LA will have a limited number of these special MINIs available to you to drive. Win win in my book.

All the exact details are still in development, and of course subject to change, so keep an eye on the MTTS blog for official updates as they happen, which of course we will be posting the minute all of the details come down the pipe.

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