Auto Express Rendering of the 2010 MINI Crossover

More information about the MINI that everyone loves to hate is being reported by Leftlane news among other outlets.

>The upcoming Mini SUV, thus far dubbed Sports Activity Vehicle, or SAV, is likely to be the basis for a front-wheel drive hatchback in order to keep costs down, today’s reports say. The SAV is due to debut at the Paris motor show this October, though the brand’s biggest hatch isn’t likely to come out until 2012.

While the information is interesting we can confirm that part of it is indeed incorrect. What will be seen in Paris will actually be officially a concept and not a look at the final production MINI cross-over. And while they are reporting that it’s still unclear what this MINI will be based on, we at MF have known for some time the R60 will be part Clubman (from the firewall forward) and part BMW X1 with quite a few exclusive elements thrown in for good measure.

As soon as we get more information we’ll be passing it along. Be sure to check out the R60 section for all of the information we have to date – which is quite a bit more than what is being reported elsewhere.

Mini SUV to spawn a five-door FWD hatchback model