The Automotive news is reporting that BMW may sell Alfa Romeos in North America using the MINI dealer network. Here’s an excerpt from the article just published:

>Fiat said today that BMW will provide support in launching Alfa Romeo in North America. “Mini U.S. dealers would have the possibility to also sell Alfa Romeo cars,” a Fiat spokesman told Automotive News Europe today.

>Fiat and BMW issued a joint press release announcing that they have signed an agreement for possible co-operation on components and architectures for their Mini and Alfa Romeo vehicles.

This is a surprising turn of events even given the official word that BMW will be co-developing the next MINI chassis with Fiat. That said it certainly makes sense from a cost point of view. However it will be interesting to see if BMW limits the type of cars (as in no small cars) Fiat will be selling the North American Market.