According to Autoweek, BMW plans to build a few electric MINIs and send them to the states to help meet the need for zero-emissions vehicles sold in California.

>BMW plans to export nearly 500 electric versions of its Mini car to California, company sources said.

>The electric Minis are being built at the Mini factory in Oxford, England, without engines, gearboxes or fuel tanks, then shipped to Munich, Germany, where they are being fitted with electric powertrains.

>BMW sources told Automotive News Europe that 490 of the Minis will be leased to selected customers in California and 10 will be used as show cars.

At this time, we are going to add this to the rumor category, as there hasn’t been any confirmation that they are really going to build them and no dates have been set. But we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this that’s for sure.

Any takers?

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[ BMW builds electric Mini for California ]