MINI USA Press Release: In July MINI USA reported sales of 5,063 automobiles, a strong increase of 24.4 percent, from the 4,069 cars sold in July 2007. Year-to-date, the division reports sales of 31,463 automobiles, an increase of 32 percent, compared to the 23,828 cars reported in the first seven months of 2007.

“Again this month, we continue to watch a very large movement from larger to smaller vehicles. From the increased traffic in our dealerships, we are seeing desires to downsize but not downscale,” said Jim McDowell, Vice-President MINI USA. “Over the last month, our MINI sales have also seen on average $4-5,000 of options in a typical sale. Therefore, at least in the premium end of the small car market, small size is not equating to small dollar sales.”