Recent sales spikes in the US have left dealers with little to no inventory of MINIs to sell in many parts of the country. However MINI corporate is not sitting on their hands. MINI USA has worked with the BMW Group to send production originally meant for Italy and Spain to the US. In particular recent sales from the boot shaped country have not been quite as robust as they’ve been in the US. One reason is speculated that the Clubman is just too big for Italians especially when it comes to parking. The extra 9 and a half inches in length is just enough extra to make the car hard to park in areas where space is at a premium. The other could have something to do with the Fiat 500. Whatever the reasons, MINI is shifting some of the production intended for Italy (and to a lesser degree Spain) to the US, currently largest market for the brand.

While a few hundred cars per year may not seem like a lot, US dealers are in desperate need for anything they can get at this point.