Here’s a recent BBC article discussing fuel saving driving techniques in the UK – a timely subject for just about anywhere in the world these days. The article’s author, Rob Corp, owns and drives a gasoline powered R50 MINI Cooper and throught the article he presents the different aspects of incorporating such fuel saving methods into everyday driving (remember that gasoline in the UK currently retails for US$10-$12 per gallon). He lists a series of maintenance and driving technique pointers that are familiar to most us and puts them to the test in a 2-leg round trip driving journey from London to Essex and back. “Eco-driving” is no where near as intense as “Hypermilling” yet it poses its very own sets of challenges.

A very interesting read, not only for the MINI enthusiast, but also for any motorer interested in squeezing out the most miles per gallon out of their rides.

+ Can a Petrolhead be an Eco-Driver? / BBC