If MTTS is finished, it must mean it’s time to start thinking about A MINI Vacation in Vegas. Sure, it’s still 8 months away, but it’s never too earlier to start planning a trip to Vegas!

>In response to the steep price jump in room rates for AMVIV5, we have negotiated and sliding rate for AMVIV6. The early birds save $20 a night! If you book your room by January 25th, you pay $79 for courtyard rooms and $119 for Tower rooms, which is $10 per night less than in 2008.

That’s a smokin’ deal if you book early.

And, if you are a designer-type that is looking for the chance to attend AMVIV _mostly_ free of charge, plus get a ton of free promotion for you or your company, you might be interested in this.

>Many of you will be aware that Dee from CooperCards designed the AMVIV5 shirt, hat and event book cover. We have decided to make this an annual occurrence, having someone in the MINI community design the event artwork.

So, design something cool for AMVIV this year and get 2 free room nights during AMVIV and a ton of free promotion! Yet another smokin’ deal.

All of this information can be found at AMVIV.com.

+ AMVIV Design Contest / AMVIV.com