miniDetroit Tuned to help us out with news from Motoringfile and a few other things. Keep an eye on SpeedTV for the upcoming episode of Pinks featuring the ABF MINI.

If you missed the AMVIV announcement, it’s here. Remember, book early and save some $$ OR design new art and get your whole trip almost free of charge.

Does anyone know where the term “put a pin in it” comes from?

Social stuff. Todd is on Twitter, so is db and you can WRR over at Facebook. Friend us up, especially Todd on twitter ’cause nobody thinks he’ll post there either.

Finally, I briefly mentioned it here and I’ve posted it once, but I have started a new show with Fireball Tim and you can find that over at We talk about movies, cars in movies and interview cool people. Show number 5 goes up this week and I think it’s worth checking out.

Woofcast 264: [audio:]

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