MINI Cooper Diesel

We’ve had an enormous number of requests for a couple reviews over the past few months. First up are of course the two new JCW MINIs. And then there is continued interest (yes from MINI owners) of the 135i – specifically the manual which we haven’t tested yet. So we’ve been busy working with BMW and MINI to get these cars and in turn get our reviews out to our loyal readers.

However we have a couple of surprises as well – specifically for our readers in the North American market. With the help of our friends at Bosch, we’ve scheduled some time behind the wheel of both the MINI Cooper Diesel and the BMW 123d (diesel). While the BMW may not be destined for these shores just yet, it’ll give us a great glimpse into some of the advanced Diesel technology that the BMW Group is capable of. However a MINI with a diesel engine is absolutely destined for the North American market soon (as reported on MF a few months back).

How did we get these cars? From our friends at Bosch. The company is in integral supplier of components to BMW’s diesel engines and has been a driving force in paving the way for their adoption to the US market.

So here’s the tentative line-up of reviews we have for the fall

– MINI R56 (Factory) JCW
– MINI R55 (Factory) JCW Clubman
– MINI R56 Cooper D
– BMW 135i manual (tentative)
– BMW 123d

As always let us know what you want to know about each of these.