MINI Cooper DieselMore on the Cooper D that Bosch has in the US for ‘testing’, this time by AutoExpress via Cnet.

>I’m not limping along in some wimpy gasoline-electric hybrid. I’m not drafting behind a semitruck. And I’m not relying on any of the dangerous maneuvers that hypermiling eco-geeks use as they try to extract every inch of distance out of a gallon of gasoline.

>Nope. I’m in a 2007 Mini Cooper D, and I am driving it normally. The D stands for diesel. It’s a version of the popular hatchback that isn’t available in the United States–yet.

It’s a great short review of what is a car I would love to have in my driveway. They even take a sentance to speculate on pricing.

>But they are a long, long way from that. For now, the Cooper D would cost at least $25,000, roughly $7,000 more than the base model.

$7,000 premium for diesel? Not sure where they are getting their numbers, but that certainly seems a bit high to me.

Watch for a review here on Motoringfile of the MINI Cooper D in the very near future.

[ Mini Cooper D(iesel) delivers, but not here yet ]