MINI has a coupe, a convertible (set to be re-introduced next spring), a wagon-like vehicle and soon an SUV. While we’ve known for quite some time MINI has been contemplating different variations of the current line-up, however until now we never had any official confirmation of what may be coming. After talking with various high-level sources we’ve pieced together the following list of potential MINI variations that BMW is currently studying.

First up is the cross-over that is already well into development. Code-named the R60, MINI has recently shown off a lightly disguised “concept” version and will debut the production car sometime in 2010.

But after that the list starts to get very interesting. We’ve learned that MINI is official considering the following:

– Two seat coupe
– two door wagon (shooting-brake?)
– Roadster/Speedster
– Compact People carrier (a space efficient version of the current Clubman?)
– Micro car (something closer to the Smart).

Beyond this BMW is currently looking at a host of propulsion systems for future MINIs. Based on sources they are currently investigating:

– Hybrids
– Fuel Cell
– Hydrogen
– Diesel

So our question to all the loyal MotoringFile readers is… what do you want to see?