If you have 18″ OEM MINI wheels on your car put on by the dealer, odds are you have the steering stop installed on your car. The reason? Apparently under extreme circumstances MINI found that the tires with this set up will rub the inner fenders slightly. Their solution? To restrict the steering angle enough to prevent it from happening. The downside? Increased turning radius.

However it’s worth noting that many owners without the steering stop and the 18″ OEM set-up do not experience any rubbing whatsoever. So that begs the question, why in the world would anyone want to install this on their car? We’re not entirely sure. So consider this as much as a installation guide as it is a un-installation guide for those who might have this kit on their car and either have switched to a different 17″ or 18″ set-up or simply want more turning radius.

Steering Stop | Official MINI PDF