For those of you wondering how you are going to spend that extra US$57,500 that’s just lying around, you could have Electrorides out of Laguna Nigel, CA, build you an Electric MINI.

>Want an all-electric car that will make the girls shout, “oh it’s so cute”? At the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica over the weekend, we spotted this very blue Mini Cooper that has been converted by Electrorides Inc out of Laguna Niguel California. The all-electric car can travel approximately 120 miles on a single charge and can reach 85 miles-per-hour. And this thing isn’t a slouch in the power department because it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds.

I will have to keep my eye open for this one. With a wrap job like that it’s hard to miss! More pictures at the link below.

[ Alternative Car Expo – The Electrorides All-Electric Mini Cooper ]