NextAutos has some of the best spy photos yet of the MINI Crossover. Due in late 2010, this prototype is the first to appear in what will be its final shape and size. As we’ve reported, expect the final R60 to take on much of the overall design seen in the recent MINI Crossover Concept that debuted in Paris a few weeks ago. Previous prototypes have used Clubman derived bodies and (who can forget) an early tank-like structure to hide the overall shape and size. With the concept giving most of that information away, MINI is has now moved onto the production based prototype phase than many of us are used to seeing with previous MINI models.

A couple notes seen on this prototype. As we’ve been reporting, the Crossover will not have Clubman style barn-doors but will instead have a normal hatchback similar to the standard MINI coupe/ If you look closely you can see that this prototype tries but ultimately fails to fake the barn-door look and hide it’s standard hatch. Also seen clearly are four standard doors and not the suicide rear or sliding rear doors seen on the concept.

You can see more photos below:

+ First Ever Look at the Production Mini Crossover! / Next Autos