It’s unusual to see someone within the US market go head to head against the MINI. Perhaps the MINI’s success in the market has simply made it inevitable or Suzuki is trying to elevate their brand by association. Whatever the reason Suzuki is now running a primetime commercial in the US market spouting the virtues of it’s SX4:

MF Analysis: Outside the US Suzuki sells the rather good Swift Sport which does directly take aim on the MINI with decent results. And while the SX4 is rather underrated in the US market, it simply does not stack-up well against the MINI in almost anyway you look at it. Despite the higher numbers and the nanny-like all-wheel drive, the SX4 has none of the charm or performance that the MINI has even in stock form. In fact the only thing the SX4 has going for it (beyond the AWD for those who are concerned about such things) is the extra size or rear doors. Both of which aren’t MINI attributes anyway. Or at least they aren’t yet.

And what’s with that terrible voice-over?