miniWow! A full crew? Really? That is correct ladies and gents, Gabe, Todd, Michael and myself talking about MINI stuff for you on a Monday night, like we like to do.

We start with news from MF, including spending a fair amount of time on Gabe’s review of the JCW car and my MINI turning 200K miles. Plus some tips as well as a few things you might want to watch out for as your MINI gets up in miles.

Before I go further, none of us doing anything other than recycle any of the fluids that come out of our cars. We *always* dispose of them properly. We were just goofin’.

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Don’t forget the new voicemail line either, at 206-202-3252. Call in, say something funny (be sure to also say The World Famous White Roof Radio too!) and we might use it in the show just like you will here in this episode. Oh yea, you can also use it for feedback or to ask a question.

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