Today we’re releasing the first in a series of new MotoringBadges for 2009 and it’s all about MINI’s 50th Anniversary. These will be limited edition badges only available through the end of 2009.

Look for new designs and color variations on what you see above. And if you order by Friday, Dec. 19, 2008, your order will ship out by Dec. 20th and arrive at most USA destinations by Christmas. No guarantees, of course as delivery is at the mercy of the USPS but in general, most all orders will arrive by 12/24.

mini For those who are new to badges and the MINI, MotoringBadge’s are the original magnetic badge for the MINI. The badges are magnetic and designed to be used with MINI’s official grille badge holder or several 3rd party holders. They are made from high-quality materials featuring a glossy finish with patented UV protection that will not fade in the sun. And our badges have been tested everywhere from the high speeds of the Nurburgring, to weather extremes of Death Valley and the tundra of northern Canada. And remember, these are the original MINI magnetic badges with almost four years of research, design and production behind them.

You can get a single badge for $7.50 and a set of six for only $37 (bottom of each page). And for those who have no more room on their grilles we also offer high-quality decals of each badge priced at $4.50.

A Selection of The Classics

And of course we still stock all the classics. Here’s a small sampling of the 100+ badges we have available…

And don’t forget our very popular R50 and R53 original Motorer badges. With the R50 and R53 MINI coupes now both out of production, they’ve taken on a greater meaning for many of us.

Badge Holders

Don’t forgot almost all our sponsors now offer a magnetic badge holder.

Outmotoring Grille Badge Holder / 17.95 (ships internationally / fits the R56!)

You can also get the OEM MINI grille badge holder (part #: 51 13 0 406 752 for 2002-2006 MINIs) OR (part # 51 13 0 443 374 for 2007-2009 MNIs) from the following MotoringFile sponsors:

MINI of Manhattan $25

Morristown MINI $20

Otto’s MINI $25

Prestige MINI $25