MINI has updated the JCW aero kit with a slightly more aggressive design and optional full (body-colored) painted side skirts and arches. In the photos above you can see the body-colored version on the right side of the car versus older style on the left.

The new kit will be available for Spring of 2009. Painted arches are now a factory option with the old style black arches still standard.

As the photos show there is a slight tweak to the front design but beyond that it’s essentially the same thing but with painted lower portions of the bottom trim and the painted arches. From our perspective this new kit (with painted arches) takes the JCW Aero kit from aggressive to hideous (at least with 17″ wheels and plenty of front gap). But that’s just us. Most MF readers probably know that we generally detest painted arches. But what are your thoughts?

Thanks Berthil