Later today MINI USA will be announcing 2.9% financing on all hardtop models. Here’s the rundown:

– 2.9% financing up to 36 months all hardtop models except JCW
– 3.9% financing up to 48 months all hardtop models except JCW
– 2.9% Financing all hardtop JCW models up to 60 months or 5 years

It’s an incredible deal and the first time MINI has gone this low on any models (let alone the JCW).

MF Analysis: It’s both a sign of the times and a sign that MINI missed the mark with the specifications on the JCW. The fact that they are willing to blow out the JCWs at 2.9% for 60 months is a very obvious admission that something isn’t quite right with the specification vs the price. We expect to see some sort of specification updates to the JCW later this year.