Not a April’s Fool’s joke btw… We’ve confirmed that JCW (MINI’s tuning arm) will be releasing a a full fledged factory JCW model based on the current MINI Cooper D. However what will shock most is that the engine will come from the current BMW 120. That’s right MINI engineers have successfully slotted in the 2.0L lump into the MINI’s engine bay. According to Autocar, look for the first of these new up-rated MINI diesels to have around 150bhp (with loads more torque) and feature start-stop technology.

Future versions could include the BMW 123d twin turbo engine which features 200 bhp and (gulp) an unbelievable 295 ft lbs of torque! Whether that is the standard JCW model or even a GP diesel we won’t know for awhile.

Look for MINI to debut the new diesel next year at the Geneva Motor Show and launch the cars around this time next year.

+ MINI Plans Hot Diesels / Autocar