Automobile Magazine has a great piece in this month’s magazine that details 12 of it’s favorite used car deals. But why is it great? Ok it may have something to do with the website they used as a source for the article. Here’s an excerpt:

>The current version of the new Mini is bigger, faster, more refined, and better engineered than its predecessor. But it was the original car, introduced in the States in 2002, that inspired a grassroots eruption of Mini mania, and its smiley-face charisma and go-kart performance promise to make it an enduring cult hero. “It will be a classic,” says Gabriel Bridger, founder of, one of the country’s most authoritative Mini Web sites. “It brought sportiness and efficiency to the masses, and it’s authentic in a way that modern cars aren’t. It will be one of the last mass-produced cars to have a vintage-car feel.”

The interview that we did for the article was thorough and the author (Preston Lerner) was able to create a concise four paragraph piece that hit most of the high points of the R50/R53 ownership.

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