This week’s Ask MF comes from George:

I bought a use 2005 Cooper S last year that I completely love. But according to the dash light and the pedal feel it’s needs some pads. I got a quote a $1200 at the MINI dealer and after picking my jaw up off the ground decided that this was going to be my first DIY on my car. I’m going to have a friend who’s done this before help with the install and with the help of some info on MF I should be good to go. But my question is what to get. Obviously I could get some OEM replacement pads but I’ve heard really good things about Hawk aftermarket pads. Also I’m thinking I might as well get new rotors since I’ll have everything apart. Should get cross drilled, slotted or just stick with the OEM set-up? Also it’s worth mentioning that I drive the car hard and plan on starting to do either an Autocross or track school this year. Any advice is appreciated!

Here at MF we’re partial to OEM if you’re going to be on the street 100% of the time. They offer a good combination of everything you’d need for normal driving. However if you’re going to take your car to the track we really like the Hawk pads. You can get them at a couple of MF sponsors – notably Outmotoring. As far as rotors we’d recommend slotted and drilled (yes we know they’re not actually drilled) if you’re doing track duty. Also it’s essential to upgrade your fluid during this process to ATE Super-blue or something equivalent. In fact a couple of MF sponors actually have brake kits or components that will definitely help:

Outmotoring Stage 2 Brake Kit

Helix Brake kits

Minspeed Zimmerman Rotors