Earlier this week we broke the news of the first F1 being produced at the plant. Today we can go into details on the actual car. The non-metallic green everyone is talking about will be based off of Connaught Green and is a very dark non-metallic first seen on the Mini in 1964. Likely using the John Cooper name in its official title, it’s true to the non-metallic British racing green seen throughout the 50’s and 60’s on everything from Jaguars to Morgans.

Inside look for a standard Piano black dash with the usual JCW chequer flag detailing. Each car will come with a plaque (similar to the MC40 edition sold in the US for 2004) indicating it’s place within the production. Like other UK based JCW cars, the F1 will come standard with the JCW aero-kit and the JCW leather steering wheel. Otherwise things are relatively stock inside with the normal options still on the table for customers to order.

That brings us to availability. Rumors currently out there have the F1 as being very limited and possibly only being available in the UK market. For those outside the UK take a deep breath… this is not 100% confirmed yet. But with numbers so low and looking historically at previous BMW single market special edition models, this seems plausable. However it’s worth noting that developing a new color for production at the Oxford plant costs as much as $250,000 so it’s unlikely that this new shade of green would be use solely for this special edition (unless the painting was sub-contracted out and the cars placed back on the production line).

We’ll have more on the F1 and the other new special editions (which are being sold worldwide) over the next few days.