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When the current MINI One rolled out a few years back the big news was the 1.4L 94hp engine and how it was both more powerful and more efficient as compared with the previous 1.6L tritec. However with world economies being what they are BMW has recently rolled out a cheaper version of the One in Germany with only 74 hp and 89ft-lbs of torque. It all adds up to 13.2 seconds going from 0-62 mph. And don’t even think about what the automatic would do to those times, MINI won’t even offer one.

In Germany this new One has been priced around 950 Euros ($1250) below the current MINI One pricing.

However with the UK’s new scrappage plan, MINI is going to be launching this new low end One in the UK as well. Expect prices around £10,000 when the car is released later this year. If you take into account the the £2,000 you could get off of the car using the scrappage scheme, pricing could ultimately be as low as just over £8,000.