This fall MINI will show a production version of the MINI crossover (internally known as the R60). The road to development for this car has been a rocky one from the start. The R60 is a strange amalgamation of MINI and BMW platforms and components (the Clubman front end married to components from the upcoming BMW X1 in the rear) that seems like a questionable investment for the BMW Group. But BMW has grand plans for this platform.

As we reported a few weeks back, MINI is working on a maximum space concept (known internally as the Spacebox) with four doors and a hatch based off of the R60 MINI crossover vehicle. The car would come without the faux off-capabilities, a lower ride height and an entirely new exterior and interior design. Think of it as the BMW 5 Series GT of the MINI world. Focused on interior space first, efficiency and performance second.

Interestingly British car mag Autocar has a story in this week’s magazine claiming that MINI will be building a four door GTI fighter. Based on our sources that’s true but it’ll be based on the SpaceBox concept described above and previously on MF. However don’t let the image above fool you. That’s Autocar’s attempt at a MINI GTI. In reality, while that may be how the JCW version could look, the Cooper and Cooper S iterations will be much more restrained in their styling. And while MINI will be coming to market with all different iterations of the SpaceBox (from One to JCW) throughout the life-cycle of the product, there are currently no plans on the table for the all-wheel drive performance variant that Autocar mentions.

However sources are also telling us that there may be another vehicle coming from the R60. Something similar to the SpaceBox but a little more conventional. Look for an exclusive report next week.