MINI has another trick up its sleeve in regards to new models over the next several years. As we broke over a month ago, MINI is currently working on a speedster model based off of the R57 platform using the existing 1.6L engine family. It’ll have an aggressive look, more sportiness and less space which all should equal the fastest MINI drop-top yet. The car will likely have a fabric top (with an optional removable hard top) with two roll bars behind the occupants giving the car a sleek sporty look.

But the big surprise in all of this is that MINI won’t be debuting the production speedster first. While they’ll be showing a concept speedster likely at Frankfurt this fall, the first model to come to market will a notch-back coupe version of the car meant to be the sportiest model of the R56 derived platform yet. As one source told us, “think of this model as the Z4 Coupe of the MINI line-up.”

Originally MINI thought about making this model a JCW only model but corporate fuel consumption averages mean that BMW will likely need to sell some Cooper and Cooper S versions to help with BMW’s corporate fleet average. Nevertheless both the speedster and the coupe will be the most aggressive looking MINI to date and will take the R56 platform and Prince family of engines out in style.

Based on information we recieved we’d expect an onsale date of late 2012 and a four to five year model run in total.

(image courtesy of Automobile.Fr)