The first MINI E has been delivered to a lucky owner in Southern California. Lucky for us, he has a blog!

>The very first MINI E has been delivered to its very first customer. I am excited and humbled to report that the first MINI E was delivered to me this past Friday. As you will read below, these last few days have been a thrilling kick-off to my one year pioneering experience. There have been many pleasant surprises along the way including a very special car number – 111. Pictured above is my MINI E #111 on my front lawn near sunset this evening (more pictures will follow soon). However, being first to get the car means that I will be the first to return the car one year from now – but I’ll try not to think about that right now.

So far his impression is very positive. Click through to subscribe or read. I will be adding this to the MF News Room today as well.

Thanks everyone for sending this in!