We at MotoringFile have always been big supporters of putting your car keys away and not driving every so often. As much as I love to drive, personally I take public transportation almost exclusively during the week. Todd has a walkable commute and DB, well he sorta needs to drive living in Southern California. But regardless the idea of not driving everywhere isn’t new to us. So when MINI USA asked us if we’d be interested in supporting their new “Let’s Not Motor Day” campaign, we jumped at the chance.

Idea is to simply go to miniusa.com/#/play/letsNotMotor and pledge the miles you won’t be driving. A pretty radical idea for a car company we thought. It’s also a nice message for the brand to make.

No matter how environmentally friendly MINIs generally are, taking a day off of driving is a great idea for a lot of reasons. Less smog in the air, more gas in the pumps and less cars (even though their small) on the roads. Sounds like a great idea to us. And apparently to others as they already have over 100,000 miles pledged!

You can pledge your own non-driven miles below and join us on June 5th.

+ miniusa.com/#/play/letsNotMotor