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After our exclusive scoop last month Autocar went back to its sources to see if they could shed any further light on if the car was actually destined for production. There were some who were saying it was nothing more than a dealer exercise and it was very unlikely it would ever be released. Then you had our multiple sources who were adamant that this was a forthcoming special edition due soon. They found that MINI was indeed planning to work with Rolls Royce on the new car and the model was very close to a green light for production.

>The Rolls-trimmed Mini caught in these scoop pictures is not a one-off, according to the source but is a late prototype for what’s intended to be an established premium custom version of the Mini.

>Buyers of the high-end Mini will be able to visit the Rolls Royce factory to select the various interior trim and dashboard finishes and will also be able to collect the finished vehicle.

>The project is more evidence that BMW’s expansion of Mini brand continues to draw inspiration directly from the history of the original Mini.

>Mini Coopers with re-worked interiors and extremely high standards of trim became popular in the early 1960s, and were often owned by the highest profile celebrities of the era, including all four Beatles.

+ MINI by Rolls Royce / Autocar

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