And we’re going to let the man speak for himself…

>visibility when the roof is up is woeful. It’s like sitting in a postbox. The only people who can get in the back are those who have stepped on a bomb and the boot is miserable.

>And yet, despite all this, it remains a great little car to own. Because the style — and there’s tons of it — buries the substance, it doesn’t feel, or look, like anything else on the road. You therefore get to stand out without actually being in a lay-by trying to make a fan belt from plaits of pubic hair. The only trouble is that the new Cooper S rag top costs £19,000. The car I tested with something called the Chili pack was £21,205. And I’m sorry but if all you want to do is stand out while driving something new, it’d be impossible to ignore — or resist — the £13,605 Fiat 500 Abarth.

And there it is. You can read more here. But be warned, as is customary Clarkson style, the review is opened with a page or two of rambling about arcane references to 1970s British politicians or broad generalizations. My favorite actually comes on page one of this “review”. Look for it.

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