Todd, Michael and myself got together last week and put a great show down for you this week. And, at just at an hour long, quite a bit as well.

Starting off with Michael’s gas woes driving from California to Ohio, then right into news of the week from

For the **content** portion of the show, we spend some time on the JD Power Survey Results. Why we think the MINI scored so low to why we think you should still buy a MINI. Bonus, if you listen close, you can hear Todd make the squealing clutch sound. Finishing talking about stuff we do now that we would have not done before because we are MINI Owners. Also, interestingly enough, most of us have been presidents of our respective MINI Clubs.

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Finally, how about a Motoringbadges magnet-off? Listen up for details.

Woofcast 298 : [audio:]

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