This week we’re cleaning out the in box a bit and getting to some Ask MF’s we’ve had in the queue for awhile. The first of the week was sent in by Tim:

>I was trying to find the JCW website.  Prior to MINI take-over, JCW had a completely separate website.  I’m only getting links to MINIUSA or MINIUK now. What I’m trying to do is contact someone knowledgeable about the R50 works head, specifically if there is a recommended cam or profile to get the best out of the head.  I know from prior experience MINIUSA won’t have a clue and the JCW R50 is so rare in the States there’s no reason to post in popular forums. Your expertise is appreciated.


Prior to MINI take-over, JCW had a completely separate website that included detailed technical information. Unfortunately now that JCW is fully owned by BMW that site is down and the tech expertise you’re looking for would be best found by a few folks who have likely made their way to independent garages in the UK. So thus we’re throwing this question out to our readers. If any of you know about the JCW R50 (specifically the head) or know someone who does, sound off in the comment section below.


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