If for no other reason to see more than 100 comments on a story, we present yet more photos (this time from Leftlanenews) of the recently caught MINI Crossover prototype while touring the US. The Countryman (as it is likely to be called) appears to be in its final development stage considering its public debut is just two months away. The top image appears to be a Cooper version of the crossover (due to the grille) and the bottom looks like it could be a “S” version.


Recently we had a chance to speak with someone who has seen the final version of the car about the reservations so many of our readers have had since the car was introduced. His response to the criticism? Simply that seeing the Countryman in person and on the road will deflate most of the negative responses. In fact some within MINI feel so strongly about this new car that they fear Clubman sales could be drastically reduced due to the Countryman’s eventual success.

We have yet to be entirely convinced but then again we’re probably not the demographic.

As has been reported countless times on these pages, new crossover will built by Magna Steyr in Austria where the BMW X3 was previously built. The car crossover will come in both all-wheel drive and front wheel drive variants with Cooper and Cooper S models available at launch. Also coming will be at least two diesel variants (with one potentially making its way to the US).

Look for much more information next week including some insight into the R60’s development and why MINI went the crossover route with this new model rather than something more “mini”.