MINI will be replacing the premium stereo option in the entire line for 2010. Gone is the often derided HiFi system and in it’s place will be the new Harmon Kardon system featuring digital signal processing. Both systems were creating by Harmon but the HiFi had some cost taken out and ultimately suffered for it.

As we’ve previously reported the new H/K branded system will feature a 480 digital watt (down 80 from the previous dealer installed DPSM system) and should include up to 10 speakers all told. MINI asked Harmon to create an this new system in 2007 designed in the same vein as the (now almost mythical) DPSM system available on the R50 generation. The result should be a huge bump in almost every aspect of sound produced. We can’t wait to hear it.

MINI Camden will come standard with the new system for 2010 and it will be an option on all other models for around the same cost as the HiFi system. Look for the new system to start production the first week of September.