MINI’s plans for the Openometer gauge (as seen in the new MINI Convertible) are finally coming into focus. This morning MINI USA launched the, a website to track R57 owner’s top-down motoring to the minute. The site will work for any owner of a 2009 or 2010 MINI Convertible.

The idea is simple. As a MINI Convertible owner you can register and start logging hours into the simple. However if you think you’re especially hardy and have the top down more than most you’ll have chance to not only impress friends but also win actual prices.

But you can participate in the site without owning a new convertible by posting photos and creating an owner profile.

So how do you win awards? The criteria for determining which owner is the most Open is simple: Open motoring hours…and the eternal timer doesn’t lie. There will be an overall winner, judged to have the most Open Hours for the duration of the contest. However, there will also be monthly winners who rack up the most hours month to month. So, no matter when you start the contest, you can still be a winner…if you’re Open enough.

You only need to own a 2009 or 2010 MINI Convertible with an openometer and a valid driver’s license. Next you have to register so we know who you are. Then take a picture of your tachometer and upload it to this website (the tachometer is where the eternal timer is digitally displayed). This is important because it establishes your starting point. Then at the end of the month, take another photo of your tachometer and upload it to the website. Your hours will be verified and the total posted to your profile.

At the end of each month, if you rank in the top 3 for most open hours motored, you’ll need to visit your local MINI Dealer within 5 business days to have your hours officially verified (looking at you Photoshop nerds). Following verification, you will receive your prize. That simple.

Monthly Awards

Top the rankings with the most Open Hours in a month and following validation, the first, second and third-place finishers receive a $200 gift card to spend on their MINI or themselves. While the top 3 receive the gift card, only #1 will be showered with glory and envy.

Grand Prize

There can be only one and if it’s you, you’ll win a trip for two to the MINI Plant Oxford, England. Not bad in our mind.

So there you have it… the inside scoop on MINI’s latest online venture. When we first heard of the openometer, it seemed to be a bit of a stretch. After seeing MINI’s plans start to come to fruition with this site and the community that will find it, we have to admit it all sorta makes sense. But don’t listen to us.. go check it out yourself: