JCW range

Autocar and British publication Motorsport News are reporting that BMW is seriously considering entering the World Rally Championship (WRC) with the upcoming Countryman. This ties in very nicely with the report that MINI has green-lit a special motorsport version of the Countryman that would be even more powerful and focused than the JCW model.

The Motorsport Sport news quotes a source within the WRC saying that MINI executives had a “very postitive response” to the series. Additionally 1960’s rally legend (and MINI ambassador) Paddy Hopkirk was quotes as saying, “Everything they do they do well. If there is aproblem they will throw more money at it until they get it right. Without the [BMW Sauber] F1 project there could be more money to do that.”

Considering the timing of the Countryman model cycle and the availability of the “über” JCW Countryman, we wouldn’t expect anything before 2011.

+ MINI Linked to Rally Return / Autocar