Over the past year and a half we’ve had a handful of sources either allude or outright tell us that the first diesel MINI to hit American soil will be the R60 MINI Crossover. Since that first scoop (way back in 2008) we’ve steadfastly claimed that the R60 would include a US bound 2.0L BMW derived turbo diesel powerplant identical to the one found in the current 1 and 3 series in Europe and the UK.

So why are we reminding you of this now? With the Crossover to be released next week it’s important to remember that we’ll not only see the full range of petrol powerplants. We believe this will eventually range from the 1.6L found in the One to the turbo MCS engine. But we’ll also eventually see at least two diesel engines ranging that could both be BMW powerplants. The more powerful of these two will (if sources are correct) will be the 2.0L 204hp diesel engine in the 123d that produces an astonishing 295 ft lbs of torque.


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