Coupe, Coopster, Concept or whatever you want to call, we spend a bit more talking about it tonight, along with a few of the other stories from MotoringFile, including more on the diesel MINI possibility coming to the US in the form of the R60.

If you missed our take on the new concept last week, you can find it here or in iTunes. Great insight from Todd and Gabe especially, worth the listen.

Finishing off with Todd at the Balducci Winery, including getting a chance to talk to a guy that drove his MINI from St. Louis to Alaska! Watch for WRR at more events in the future as well, including a very very strong possibility of us going to the Dragon in ’10!

Woofcast 304: [audio:]

You might have heard about Jack Belcher already in the SCMM Newsletter I posted earlier in the week. If you want to see the photos, I posted them over at last week. Listen past the end of the show for a short interview with did with him during one of the AMVIVs.

All of the other links mentioned during the show can be found over at, including a link to the Official MINI YouTube Channel. Thanks to Dean from Indiana for calling into the Voicemail line at 206.202.3252. Keep those calls coming gang, especially if you want us to answer your question in the next Ask Chad segment!

Finally, go buy a badge, especially the 300 to 300k Badge. If y’all buy enough of them, if we do cover the Dragon next year, I would really like to try to drive in my MINI!

Woofcast 304: [audio:]

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