The Mission Control option that debuted this May with the special edition Camden model at MINI United has generated quite a few questions recently. While MINI has given it’s own vague explanations within press releases, it’s been short of specifics. So Autoweek got some further information from MINI themselves.

>(The MINI Camden) will showcase a new technology Mini calls “Mission Control,” which allows the car to interact with the driver, sort of like a British version of Ford’s Sync. Three voices offer information about the car and its surroundings. There are up to 1,600 different statements, and it’s a standard feature on the Camden.

>For example: If the driver hammers the engine on a cold morning too quickly, a voice may say “ouch, I’m not warmed up yet,” in the words of Jim McDowell, Mini USA vice president.

>The voices can also offer congratulations for taking a curve with gusto–and plenty of g-force; or say something like “wow 4.5 seconds of full throttle,” after a lengthy launch.

>It can also suggest the driver turn on the air conditioning if the program senses ambient temperatures are hot, or tell passengers to buckle up.

>Mini, which is known for somewhat off-the-wall innovations–like the giant speedometer in the center of its dashboards or the gauge that tells you how long the roof has been open–also offers a common-sense option: the voices can be turned off.

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