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Engine failures by water and lack of oil, plus a new contest for you today. Before doing anything, right now, go out and check your oil then come back and listen. We are getting reports of oil pan gaskets failing on R53s with just over 50k miles on them. Don’t let yourself be the guy in our story, **check your oil now!**

Are you on Facebook? Post a photo of your MINI to our Facebook Page and you can win a Motoringbadge. You have until the end of September, so no rush. We aren’t looking for anything in particular, just MINIs on our page. Winner will be picked at random.

After news from MotoringFile like we like to do, we talk engine failures and then move on to tires for the GP among other things. Classic WRR here gang. Just Gabe, Todd and I talkin’ about MINI stuff and mullets just like the good old days.

Stick around. Later today we have our first thoughts on the MINI Roadster Concept plus we talk to Michael Talley **live** from the Frankfurt show! You can some photos now with more to come!

And, because I told Gabe I would, go listen to the BimmerFile Podcast, especially if you are looking for lots of cool stuff about BMWs!

Woofcast 306: [audio:]

If you missed it last week, I posted a bit of Black Roof Radio over at last week about dealer service. That may well be the new home of Black Roof Radio for the time being, so subscribe and watch out for it!

Finally, I’m looking for independant service centers that are MINI friendly. Leave a comment over there with your favorite shop including all the contact information and address. I’m hoping to get enough to build up a database at White Roof Radio that everyone would be able to use.
Woofcast 306: [audio:]

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