As presented by Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing

Official Release: Those who know MINI know that MINI is always a step ahead. One of the best examples is the MINI E. Electric vehicles are a promising zero-emissions alternative and we are leading the way in the development of this technology. We are the first to use the latest generation of lithium-ion technology in an all-electric vehicle, the MINI E.

The MINI E has a top speed of 152 km/h and a range up to 250 km and it retains “MINI like” driving characteristics: quick acceleration and tight, nimble handling.

The MINI E is definitely one of the highlights in the fiftieth anniversary year of MINI.

With over 600 MINI E cars we have the largest all-electric fleet of this kind involved in an international pilot project. This project goes far beyond the simple test of a prototype electric MINI. We are working together with central and regional governments, energy providers and academic partners.

By testing the MINI E in some of the largest cities of the world, we are working towards finding sustainable solutions for future mobility.

Drivers have been testing the MINI E under real-life conditions in Germany and the US since June this year and will do so for twelve months. At the end of 2009, drivers in the UK will also participate in the project. And I’m pleased to tell you that the MINI E project will soon also be extended to France, starting at some stage in 2010. Feedback and experiences from all of our participants will provide us, and our partners, with valuable insight into the realities of living with an electric car.

These findings will help us to develop the next generation of electric-powered vehicles, and to understand the technology and infrastructure required to support them. Today, MINI already offers models with outstanding fuel-efficiency and some of the lowest output of CO2 emissions in its class. The ongoing development of new technologies for reducing emissions is a high-priority at MINI. According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, MINI achieved the highest reduction rate of CO2 emissions from 2006 to 2008, compared to any other brand.

This is MINIMALISM at work!

MINIMALISM is an overall attitude of the brand MINI – Lower Consumption. Lower Emissions. Same fun! Measures such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop Function and Shift Point Display are standard on all new MINI models.

We now offer seven MINI models which generate no more than 140 grams of CO2 per kilometre. And this is the international show premiere of the MINI One D which we launched earlier this month. It is the new entry-level diesel model, which delivers exceptionally economical driving fun.

The drive system is based on the 1.6-litre diesel engine from the MINI Cooper D. Featuring a turbocharger and common rail direct injection, the new version of this four-cylinder unit has a peak output of 90 hp and maximum torque of 215 Nm. Like the MINI One, the new MINI One D provides a particularly economical entry point into the world of the MINI brand. And with a consumption of just 3.9 litre per 100 km and a CO2 emission rate of 104 g/km, the MINI One D has the lowest consumption and lowest CO2 emissions within the entire BMW Group. MINIMALISM pure!

And MINI offers eco-friendly vehicles across the whole range of models. Take the MINI Cooper D Clubman – outstanding efficiency, with a consumption of 4.1 litres and a CO2 emission rate of 109 g/km. One thing is for sure – MINI is ready for the future!