After much customer inquires, MINI has introduced an official Bluetooth retrofit kit for the R55, R56, R57 produced after 03/07. The retrofit kit enables you to connect most bluetooth devices. Additionally the kit also includes a USB/audio interface. Here’s the full list of functionality:

Functions of the hands-free kit

– Voice output via the car’s loudspeakers
– Control via voice commands (only with multifunction steering wheel)
– Telephone book display and selection, top 8 list and last numbers called
– Wireless connection of the mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth
– Usage of the telephone’s own aerial
– Storage of the telephone in an storage tray or in a jacket pocket
– Up to four mobile phones can be connected

Functions of the USB/audio interface
– Playback of MP3, WMA and WAV files
– Access via playlists and search for music genre, artist, album or title
– Track repeat, shuffle, fast forward/rewind
– Connection via USB / audio socket
– USB devices with a total of 20,000 tracks can be managed

Of course the benefit the OEM kit is the full integration within the display and sound output while retaining the full vehicle warranty. The downside is price at well over $700 msrp. You can see more in the official PDF below.

+ Official Bluetooth Retrofit kit / MINI USA PDF