Cooper D

(This poll is primarily for our US readers.)

The US market is now MINI’s largest in the world. Yet it’s made up only of petrol powered models. Yes, there are good and sensible reasons for this. However we can’t help but find it ironic that it was the US market where the MINI E debuted and continues to be tested. So that got us thinking about what you want.

It appears that not only has the MINI Cooper D (in hatch form) been shelved for the US market, but it would now seem the a diesel Countryman has been as well. Costs are the big issue but beyond that BMW just doesn’t believe MINI USA could sell enough of the diesel powered MINIs to make up for the federalization. Even if the model in question shares a four cylinder diesel with a fully federalized BMW X1 it would seem BMW corporate just doesn’t see a reason to take a risk.

But what about the costs associated with the MINI E program? Yes the MINI E costs quite a bit of money, but in BMW’s eyes it’s an investment in the future of the transportation where diesel is simply a solution for today’s efficiency issues. With higher efficiency petrol engines on the horizon, BMW is betting that they can stay the course in the US and not have to introduce a diesel model.

So that brings us to our question, what would you rather see? Vote below:

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