We all have our own sacred pieces of pavement around the world that we treasure. And while many of us keep a few of those close to our chests, today we’re going to share a few favorites with all of our readers. And after that, we’d love to hear about your favorites. Where they are, when to drive ’em, what to bring, and why they’re the best.

Here’s a quick list of some of my personal favorites from my travels:

Highway 1 South of Monterey (through Ft Hunter Liggett) (California USA)

Highway 1 is often cited as one of the best roads in the world and it cannot be overrated. It’s curves and elevation changes are only matches by its ocean views. Taking a left hand turn into Ft. Hunter Liggett just ups the ante a bit in terms of elevation and corners.

The Dragon (Tennessee/North Carolina USA)

What can you say about the Dragon. Simply put it is the best road I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving on. It’s status cannot be underrated as one of the best driver’s roads in the world and arguably the best in the US.

To Adenau and around the ‘Ring (Adenau Germany)

Driving to the ‘Ring a few years back I happened upon one of those magical roads you seem to only find in Black Forest region of Germany. It’s the perfect set-up to an incredible day on the ‘Ring with sweepers, hairpins and elevation changes all running through thick German forests.

Now let’s hear your favorite road and what car (preferably a MINI we won’t hold it against you if it’s not) you’d bring to tackle it.